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Booking Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is made between The Grange (Horsington) Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, CRN: 07191561 whose registered address is at Four Oaks House, 160 Lichfield Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, United Kingdom, B74 2TZ, and ……...

General Terms

The Agreement incorporates Schedule I as attached.

‘The Property’ is referring to The Grange as located at,






The Property is the property specified above, together with any outside space or garden, including the building known as the Dovecote.

The Rental Period is the agreed period during which the Guest will occupy the Property, dating from ……………………………………………...

The Rent is as defined in the Schedule I attachment

‘Due Date’ shall mean the date of booking for the 30% payment of the Rent and for the remaining 70% payment of the Rent it shall mean the date one month prior to the first date of the Rental Period.

This Agreement is made on the basis that the Property is to be occupied by the Guest for the purpose of a holiday. The Guest who signs this Agreement does so on behalf of all members of the party, obligations, expressed or implied are considered to be made by such persons jointly and severally.

Payment made by the Guests to The Grange in respect of this Property shall constitute acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

By agreeing to these Terms the Guest warrants that it will not sell or transfer the booking to another party.


A.1. The Guest shall use the Property for the purpose of a private holiday residence with up to a maximum of twenty four adults.

A.2. Additional arrangements would have to be made if the number of Guests exceeds twenty in order to accommodate the size of the party, such as erecting put-me-up beds which would be arranged by The Grange.

A.3. The Guests must not allow, whether or not knowingly, use of the Property or any part of it for any improper, immoral or illegal purposes.

A.4. The Guests must report any pre-existing damage noticed upon arrival within twenty four hours of arriving on the property. If any issues arise during the Rental Period the Guest must notify The Grange as soon as practicably possible in order for the issue to be resolved. If The Grange is not notified about an issue the Guests will have relinquished all rights in the matter.


B.1. The Guests must leave the Property at the end of the agreed Rental Period in the same clean condition it was in at the beginning of the Rental Period; reasonable wear and tear is accepted.

B.2. Failure of the Guests to exercise reasonable care may result in deductions being made from the Security Deposit.

B.3. Guests should ensure that they take all their personal property away with them at the end of the Rental Period. Failure to do so will result in the Guest being charged for costs incurred by The Grange to send the personal items back to the appropriate Guest (Royal Mail shall be the preferred

service provider and couriers may be necessary).

B.4. Any items not claimed within 28 days from the last day of the Rental Period shall be disposed of by The Grange.



C.1. A security deposit of £……… is required by bank transfer with an indication on the transfer from whom the money is coming by ………... Details of the account to be credited shall be provided at the time of booking.

C.2. The full amount of the Security Deposit will be refunded within seven days of departure provided that:

  • No damage is done to the Property or its contents throughout the duration of the Rental Period.
  • All rubbish and debris are placed in a rubbish bin and all unclean dishes are put in the dishwasher or cleaned.
  • The barbeque is cleaned after use.
  • No linens or other amenities that are provided to the Guest are lost or damaged during the Rental Period.
  • No additional charges are incurred due to illegal activity or (prohibited) pets or Guests.
  • There is no loss or non-return of keys provided by The Grange to the Guest.

C.3. If one of the aforementioned provisions occurs or any other event reasonably defined as damage The Grange shall deduct the appropriate amount from the Security Deposit and will not guarantee a refund within seven days of the Guest’s departure.

C.4. In the event of any of the aforementioned provisions occurring or any other event reasonably defined as damage The Grange will endeavor to notify the Guest of the infringement and the deduction to the Security Deposit as soon as practicably possible and with any available evidence.

C.5. If the cost of rectification is greater than the Security Deposit the Guest shall be liable for the remaining monies due. For this reason the Guest is advised to acquire substantial personal liability insurance.

C.6. As the Security Deposit is paid by bank transfer the refunded amount shall also be transferred via bank transfer. In order to ensure the Security Deposit is refunded promptly it is the Guest’s responsibility to provide The Grange with the correct and relevant bank details.



D.1. See the attached Schedule I for the specified Rent of your preferred Rental Period.

D.2. There will be a 30% payment of the Rent at the time of booking and the remaining 70% payment  of the Rent shall become due and payable one month prior to the first date of the Rental Period.

D.3. The Rent should be paid by bank transfer with an indication on the transfer from whom the money is coming. It is the Guest ‘s responsibility to allow sufficient processing time for the bank transfer in order for the Rent to be received by The Grange in cleared funds on the Due Date.

D.4. Any and all charges of VAT applicable to the Rent shall be payable by the Guest at the prevailing rate.



E.1. A Guest who wishes to cancel a booking for the agreed Rental Period must contact the Grange via telephone and then communicate a written confirmation of the cancellation. The written cancellation must be signed by the Guest signatory on this Agreement. Failure to comply with this clause shall render the cancellation void.

E.2. The 30% payment of the Rent at the time of the booking is non-refundable upon cancellation. The Guest will be refunded the remaining 70% if the cancellation takes place after the remaining 70% of the Rent has been paid, and in accordance with the above clause (E.1.).



F.1. In the extreme circumstance that The Grange has to cancel the booking for any reasons beyond The Grange’s control it shall be reasonably responsible as far as is practicable to find alternative accommodation for the Guests. 

F.2. If the Rent for the alternative accommodation is of less value than The Grange the difference will be refunded to the Guest.

F.3. The Grange shall not carry any liability for the Guests throughout the stay in the chosen alternative accommodation.



G.1. At all times throughout the Rental Period The Grange shall affect suitable building insurance cover for the Property and shall insure all fixtures, fittings and effects belonging to The Grange against loss or damage and any other eventualities that The Grange decides to insure against.

G.2. The Grange will not insure the personal property of the Guests and will not accept liability for damage to personal property throughout the Rental Period.



The Guest must allow The Grange, his agent or contractors access to the Property at reasonable hours during the day, to inspect the condition of the Property or to carry out repairs or other works that may be necessary during the Rental Period, in accordance with The Grange’s obligations or to carry out maintenance of the appliances or facilities.



I.1. The Grange warrants that all furniture and furnishings provided at The Grange by it, comply with the most up to date and relevant fire safety regulations. The Grange has ensured that all electrical appliances and equipment supplied by The Grange are PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) tested, annually.

I.2. Due to fire hazards furniture should not be moved throughout the Guests’ stay at the Property, especially when the party exceeds twenty people.  Furniture is placed in particular positions to ensure the Guest’ safety and moving any piece of furniture could cause unnecessary risk.

I.3. A fire safety risk assessment has been carried out on the Property.



J.1. The amount of people occupying the Property during the Rental Period must be communicated to The Grange. The maximum number of Guests is limited to twenty four persons.

J.2. The Grange reserves the right to refuse admission to the Property or to ask the Guests to leave the Property immediately if the aforementioned provision (J.1.) is not adhered to.



This Property requires a two night minimum stay. If a Rental Period is taken for less than two nights, the guest will be charged the Rental Period equating to a two-night stay.



The Grange is a non-smoking property; please refrain from smoking in and around the Property. Guests that do not adhere to this provision risk a deduction or complete loss of their Security Deposit.


  1. PETS:

M.1. Pets are not permitted in the Property unless The Grange has given express prior written permission to the Guest in order to permit guide dogs or Canine Partners for the benefit of the Guest or such other in the Guest’s party.

M.2. If such pets are permitted they must be kept under reasonable control at all times and must not be left unattended in the Property. The Grange cannot accept responsibility for pet safety.

M.3. The Guest will be responsible for all and any damage caused by the pet and the cost of any extra cleaning incurred.



N.1. Parking is limited to twenty vehicles. Vehicles are only to be parked in areas reasonably used for parking.

N.2. Any fines or other outcomes associated with illegally parked cars are the responsibility of the Guest only and not of The Grange.


  1. POOL:

O.1. Diving is strictly forbidden as the pool is not big enough or deep enough to accommodate this. The swimming pool is carefully maintained and undergoes the relevant treatment frequently.

O.2. The pool is heated so the pool cover must be replaced when the pool is not in use so as to maintain the elevated temperature. The pool cover is to be operated electronically not manually and the Guest shall follow the instructions supplied.

O.3. Reasonable care should be taken when in and around the pool and Guests with children should ensure the safety of all minors as far as practicably possible. Use of this facility by the Guests shall be undertaken at their own risk.


  1. HOT TUB:

P.1. Children using the hot tub must be accompanied by adult Guest at all times. Guests with children should ensure the safety of all minors as far as practicably possible.

P.2. Guests using the hot tub are considered to do so with the knowledge that such an activity does involve an element of risk. Guests are to use it at their own risk.

P.3. Hot tub covers are for insulation purposes and are not designed to support a person or persons and should not be sat or stood on. When the hot tub is not in use the cover should be replaced in order to maintain the temperature.


  1. SAUNA

The sauna shall be used at the Guests own risk and any Guests with children using the sauna should ensure that all minors take reasonable care when entering and inside the sauna. This can be considered particularly unsuitable for children aged 12 and under.


  1. HORSES:

R.1. There is the possibility of riding the horses stabled at The Grange upon prior agreement. This facility is available to all Guests. It is advised that adults accompany children at all times when in the vicinity of the horses.

R.2. Contact with the horses shall be taken at the Guest’s own risk. Guests are advised to take out personal insurance if riding is arranged during their Rental Period. The owner of the horses can advise on the appropriate insurance.



The Grange cannot take any responsibility for accidents incurred by the Guests or any one of the Guest’s party while playing tennis, croquet, darts, snooker, cricket or table tennis. Reasonable care should be taken during these activities.



Any personal information supplied to The Grange by the Guests is used, held and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.



The Grange can provide chefs, caterers or supermarket deliveries for the Guests’ needs. The Grange shall not accept any liability for these services or goods.



The Grange assumes the agreement of Guests  to use their comments from either the Guest Book or Social Media for purposes of publicity unless specifically informed otherwise.



The Grange cannot accept liability or pay compensation where the contract is breached or affected by circumstances accountable to force majeure. Force Majeure is any event which The Grange could not reasonably avoid. Such events may include natural disaster, fire, terrorist activity, closure of airports, unforeseen weather conditions etc.



This agreement is governed by English law with English Courts having exclusive jurisdiction.

The Grange hereby agrees to let the Property and the Guest hereby agrees to take the Property, for the Rent (as specified in Schedule I) and Rental Period in accordance with the conditions stated within this Agreement.

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The Grange

Nights: 3 nights

Guests: 0

Arrival: Thursday, April 22, 2021

Last Night: Saturday, April 24, 2021

Booking Value: £3,610.00

Booking Deposit: £1,191.30

Security Deposit: £1,500.00

Pet Fee:

Refund Protection:

Total: £3,610.00